What values does Gen Z hold?

In general, Gen Zers are very committed to sustainability and racial fairness. Young people’s involvement is essential to the success of movements such as the Global Climate March, spearheaded by Gen Z campaigner Greta Thunberg.

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One of the topics that Gen Zers are most concerned about is climate change. They regularly demand change at the individual, societal, and international levels in order to avert disasters in the future. A significant portion of Generation Z self-identifies as environmentally sensitive, and they anticipate corporate and organizational contributions to sustainability.

Gen Z likewise lives in a period of fast increasing inflation and financial hardship. For many people in this age, accruing student loan debt is another problem.

What fashion trends are there in Gen Z?

What was in a month ago may already be out today. Gen Z has an ever-changing style and loves to dress expressively. They prefer to stand out than fit in. Fast-fashion stores encourage their trend-chasing tendencies by offering easily available methods to change things up. Chinese fast-fashion behemoth Shein, a favorite among Generation Z shoppers, offers 6,000 new items to its website every day. Although this may appear to go against the sustainability ideals of the age, Gen Z’s fast-paced fashion tastes and need for individuality can occasionally triumph over their environmental concerns.

In keeping with their demands for cyclical fashion, Gen Zers also adore antique and thrift store apparel. Clothes from the 1990s and the 2000s have made a huge comeback, including fast-fashion faux pas and items found in attics and junk stores. Thanks to Gen Z influencers and resellers, the fashion resale market has grown significantly, and it’s common for a Gen Z wardrobe to consist of both beloved antique items and inexpensive fast fashion.

What does the Gen Z consumer want?

Digital natives’ preferences have been influenced by the internet, which has permanently altered shopping. Here’s how to do it:

Gen Zers don’t buy movies or music; instead, they subscribe to streaming services. Consumption is more about access than ownership. Even rental businesses for high-end apparel and cars are included in this trend.

Compared to millennials, who are more inclined to indulge on luxury, Gen Zers are more willing to spend money on experiences that enhance their daily lives and understand that their tastes may change.

This generation is concerned with usability; they value simple online transactions, app-based services, and mobile payment. Brands have found great success by adapting to the tastes of Generation Z.

Although Gen Zers prefer physical businesses over millennials, they nevertheless need an excellent online buying experience. Even some firms who launched their products only online and were backed by Gen Z customers have achieved success.

Gen Zers encounter advertisements “at every moment” as they navigate their digital and physical environments.

As a generation devoted to its principles, Gen Z also expects the same from its merchants; they frequently select companies that uphold environmentally friendly standards in addition to those with compelling narratives or purposes. According to a McKinsey survey, nine out of ten Gen Zers feel that businesses should address social and environmental concerns, and 73% of them said they aim to buy from ethical businesses. They can, however, detect when a business is simply making empty promises and not demonstrating genuine change to support its claims about sustainability or diversity.

In Asia, the internet is the first resource that Gen Zers go for when they are looking to buy new items; in the US, 40% of Gen Zers acknowledge that they are influenced by companies they come across in videos they watch. To determine where and how they want to spend their money, members sift a lot of information from friends, family, and influencers.

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