Obtain your own residence with INVU.

In order for your contracts to develop and ultimately yield a return on your investment, you need have contracts for them to be invested in, maintained, and promoted concurrently. By investing in homes, renting them out, and growing their capital gains, it is possible to get the greatest flow into lower again. Because of this, it is advised to buy in bulk, amass it, and lease it—a highly appealing strategy that will further reduce financial needs.

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There are better plans with a partial time or money savings inside the INVU System that may be obtained with enough time to change the plan, so saving us time and allows the contracts to mature more quickly.

Mature plans are those that have the duration and quantity necessary to raise an INVU credit score rating from 7%. They would like to examine their financial situation and incorporate all of their savings. These are provided by the workplace to ensure that your operation is fully protected.

As long as they’re not plans 2 or 3, you can prompt them to switch plans if you have an INVU Savings and Loan settlement and, for whatever reason, you’ve been unable to maintain the monthly financial savings that we might typically refer to as inactive contracts. This is an extended put off.

I am here to assist you as an authorized INVU representative. The goal of owning your own house must be realized with the helpful assistance of navigating a safe route. I will join you at a few points along the way with INVU.

According to the National Institute of Housing and Urbanism, 7% of homes are real.

Plans for savings and loans are available to suit every budget and preference. Three types of plans: advanced, mature, and new. We are able to finance up to 155 million colones for any house or condominium.

Cities can become more developed, and prefabricated slabs or blocks can be used to build homes. It is possible to carry out additions or remodelling. Briefly put, everything related to housing.

With no need for guarantors or proof of income, you may own your home at a hard and quick annual 7% with the INVU Savings and Loan System. You will usually be able to obtain finance if you save for a favorable period and amount. No matter how many homes or belongings you have, INVU — Costa Rica allows you to regularly reach your potential, and with our customer service, we can assist you gradually.

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