This may seem like a ridiculous inquiry. It’s a promotional item that promotes your business and is placed inside a package or newspaper. Though inserts are much more than that, yes, this is true! The following are some uses for this adaptable channel:

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Enclose your messages with your packages: This makes it possible to cross-sell goods without having to pay for shipping.

Including your communications in dispatches from third parties: This increases your chances of converting clients by enabling you to promote in dispatches from brands that are comparable to your own.

Insert Swaps: You may exchange inserts with a third party without having to pay for space using this cost-neutral alternative. Both of you promote them, and they promote you.

Affinity/Co-branded inserts: These are co-branded inserts that work similarly to permitting inserts in your boxes or advertisements in third parties. By doing this, the image of endorsement is further reinforced.


Inserts are effective because customers will never fail to open a box because they are constantly visible. You are aware that clients are already interested in the business you operate in (gyms or apparel, for instance). Additionally, because they are currently reading about or opening a package from a business in your industry—whether it be you or a third party—they are in the ideal state of mind for your marketing.

Because they capitalize on the trust component of marketing, inserts are distinct. Although direct mail is often acknowledged as the most reliable marketing medium, well-targeted inserts have the potential to unseat direct mail in this regard.

The subconscious is activated when a consumer notices an insert in the shipment they just got. People begin to believe that if a firm is sufficiently endorsed by a brand they love and trust to receive advertising, then I can also trust them. Conversion rates eventually rise as a result of this apparent affirmation of confidence.

The fact that this channel is so underutilized makes it an ideal and simple means of standing out from the crowd. More than half of businesses who deliver daily packages, according to our own data, don’t employ any kind of insert marketing (not even for receipts).


Cross-selling inserts are among the most economical and focused types of advertising. Allow me to clarify. There is no postage fee as you are already covering the cost of shipping a package to a customer’s home. Furthermore, the client recently made a purchase from you. As a result, you are confident that the address is valid and that your content is reaching the target audience. In fact, most marketers would gladly pay top dollar for precise and current data.


Selling the advertising space inside your packages might generate additional cash if your business is shipping products. It isn’t as difficult as you would assume. But controlling it can take a lot of time. Reaching out to us is the most straightforward approach, as we can oversee the entire procedure and grant you entry to our vast network of contacts for the purpose of leasing your space.

You may, however, make money by selling your own advertising space. These are our three best recommendations to get you going.

Determine your target demographic by creating a consumer profile. It will be simpler for third parties to choose to sell in your boxes if you have this.

Make an investigation. To ensure that you are not pricing yourself out of the market, inquire about purchasing advertising space to obtain a feel of how much others in your field are asking for their space.

Strengthen the ties. To keep things interesting for your clients, you might consider leasing space to several businesses. Which expression refers to “flogging a dead horse”? After a period, customers experience insert blindness; if this occurs, conversion rates will decline and third parties won’t want to work with you on advertising.


Create a customer profile. The same rationale as for selling space applies here. How are you going to decide which brand to place your advertisement in if you don’t know what demographic you presently sell to?

Make an investigation. To make sure you are not overpaying, find out how many dispatches they send each month and whether they have any case studies on conversion rates.

Verify their instructions one more time. Make sure you verify delivery criteria and timeframes well in advance of delivery, since each firm will have different ones. Additionally, it is a good idea to inspect the inserts’ placement. If someone works on a packaging line, there shouldn’t be many, if any, limitations on things like size and form. But, if their packing process is automated and your insert is added to their box by a machine, you can be subject to stringent requirements like weight, flexibility, format, and so on.


As you can see, insert marketing is a very reliable, underutilized channel that can be tailored to any purpose. Purchasing insert space, selling, or cross-selling are some examples of this. Inserts are the easiest approach to jumpstart your development after the lockout, in our opinion. Reach out to us right now to learn how PSE can support you.

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